Bellas new bed =)

Bella's got a new bed! And it fits just perfectly :D

(Fast det är egentligen Igors... men hon har snott den haha.)



Ok, so this is my breakfast-hangup right now. Hard boiled Eggs, a piece of cucumber and one avocado and lots of herbal salt ;-) Yummie.

No book today EITHER :( and shopping on sale :D

Here in Sweden we have something called The holiday sales (I bet you have too?) and that's when they sell out the summer/autumn collection to a much lower price! And may I tell you - there can be fights over the most ridiculous clothing. Oh well... i'm amazed every single year how people behave and what they do for lower prices?? Geeeze...

Anyway... I was out on the town yesterday with two of my sisters (big family :-)) and my niece and I did some shopping. I bought 2 winter boots (and while being in the store ready to pay I was almost caught in the middle of a theft. The thief stood right next to me and may I tell you all... HE COULD'VE REALLY USED SOME OF TRACY ANDERSONS WORKOUT TIPS hahahaha. But he was pretty fast for being that big… hmm… )
Anyways… I bought these winter boots and now I just don’t like them. Well the UGGS I like but the other ones? Uhm naaa (I can’t return them either cus I’ve already walked in them :/) Darn it. I think I have to buy insoles cus oddly enugh the boots were too big when I got home haha.
I also bought a black sweater with holes in it. It sounds strange, I know, but it was nice :) And cheap… only 7 dollars :D

And today I found the tunic in the pics! It’s a size 38 european size that is. I don’t know what that is in English/American size. 4? 6? Maybe even 8??? :-O Haha anyway – the tunic was a bit small for me. You could almost see small loops between the buttons because of my boobies and of course… the hated lovehandles (I’m not ashamed at all… oh no!)

Original price was 349 SEK ($50) and now on sale it was only just 99 SEK ($13). Cheap!!

It's all about details ;-)

BUT… since I’m soon gonna start with the 30 days with TAM I figured that hey, “I’m gonna do some serious bootshakin’ here so I’m gonna lose the overweight anyways” So I went ahead and bought it haha! Smart thing I did here right? But coming to think about it… how many times haven’t I ordered something from an online store, with my size, (at least I thought it was at the time) and then gone and picked it up, happy about my new clothes, gone home to try it on and it’s TOO SMALL???? [some serious cursing here] and when I’m done cursing I tell myself that it’s OK… I’m gonna lose the weight anyway so I might as well just keep it cus it’s gonna fit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y when I’ve lost it all haha. And how many years has it been?? Far too many.
But this time I’m gonna make it right?? I mean... now all of you on TAM’s FB-page can see my progress (or no progress, who knows?) if you want cus I’m gonna post EVERY DAY starting the January 3 2011. AND.. I'm gonna be foolish enough (or smart) to post the link on the FB-page hehe.
It’s 0.42 am here so I guess I have to go to bed.
Goodnight to ya'll and thanks for reading my blog. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment :) I LOVE comments, even if it’s just a Hi :)


No book today either

The book didn't come today either. But it was expected as I ordered it late last night. But tomorrow it should be here! I hope :) I chose a free shipping option so who knows? It might take more than two days for it to arrive (as it said it would.) God I hope not!

So now I'm gonna "binge" (not in a bad way) all kinds of crap that I can't/shouldn't/don't want to eat while I'm on the 30 day method! :) There are 3 days left of 2010 so I am gonna start doing this 1/1 2011!

Now I'm gonna have myself a large cup of cappuccino made with vanilla soy milk:)

Have a great afternoon/evening everybody!! :)


Boken kom inte idag heller. Men det väntade jag mig iofs inte heller eftersom jag beställde den sent i natt. Men imorgon borde den komma! Jag valde ett fraktfritt alternativ så vem vet? Det kanske tar längre tid då än 2 dagar (som det stod.)

Så nu passar jag på att trycka i mig all möjlig skit som jag inte får/ska/vill äta på 30 dagar sen! Det är 3 dagar kvar av 2010 så jag tänker börja med detta den 1/1 2011!

Nu blir det en stor kopp cappuccino gjord på sojamjölk :)


Tracy Andersons's Method

(English translation at the bottom of the post.)

Jag kommer antagligen förbanna mig själv för att jag ens nämner det men ja, jag har beställt följande bok och en DVD får man till på köpet oxå! Hoppas det är Beginners Dance Cardio för jag har redan två andra (på datorn hehe).

Ja, jag tänkte jag skulle testa dessa 30 intensiva dagar! Som hon kallar Boot Camp - och det är ju ett BOOT CAMP jag behöver!! Har redan testat träningen från de två andra DVD:erna jag har i flera dagar (för några veckor sen, här vet vi inte vad kontinuerligtet är) och AJ AJ AJ AJ vad jag hade ont!!! Fast på ett bra sätt! Så visst fan funkar det men man ska ju hålla ut oxå och det är DÄR jag oftast brister! Ja, och så har vi ju detta med maten oxå då. DET är oxå ett problem. Vem fan vill dricka kalejuice (fråga mig inte vad KALE är men det kan jämföras med både spenat och broccoli har jag hört) när man är sugen på rostmackor med Robertson's citronmarmelad! Och vem vill dricka TE när man är sugen på en rejäl hederlig dos koffein med KAFFEGRÄDDE med honung?? Åhh... vet redan nu att jag kommer gnälla SOM FÄÄÄN haha.

Men OK...jag ska testa och se! När boken kommer. Inte förr!

Godnatt kära vänner!


I will probably curse myself that I even mention this but yeah, I've ordered the following book and you also got a DVD for free! :D I hope it's the Beginners Dance Cardio because I already have two others (on the computer hehe).


so I thought I would try these 30 intense days! AKA Boot Camp - and it IS a BOOT CAMP that I need! I've already tried the workout from the other two DVD:s I have for several days (this was a few weeks ago though, here we don't know what consistency means haha) and AJ AJ AJ AJ was I in pain or what?! But in a good way! So yeah, damn it works, but then there's the part where you're supposed to hang in there and really be consistent about it and that's where I usually mess up! And then we have the thing with the food aswell. THERE I also have a problem. Who the hell wants to drink kalejuice (do not ask me what Kale is but it can be compared with both spinach and broccoli, I've heard) when you're craving toasted sandwiches with Robertson's lemon marmalade?! And who wants to drink TEA (and not just any tea but GREEN tea) when one is looking for a hefty dose of caffeine with COFFEE CREAM and honey? Ohh ... I already know that I will whine like H*LL about this haha.

But OK ... I'll try this and see! When the book comes. Not before! :)

Goodnight dear friends!


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