Red Velvet Cake

Ok so this is not exactly TAM-approved but I had a dinnerparty yesterday and I decided to make the cake above. It REALLY bothers me that I can't even make a cake beautiful enough to LOOK at. Yes they always taste like heaven but is it to much to ask for the bloody cake to LOOK GOOD aswell. Cus I mean... It's clearly NOT my fault hahaha.


More followers!!! :D

Wow I'm so excited! I have 2 (or is it 3?) followers!!! Wohoooo ;-)
Thanks so much for wanting to read my nonsense :-)

I haven't checked in in 6 days so it was a nice surprise to see i have new followers! :-)

So a shout out to:

Alice - Thank you!! I read your blog aswell :D Love it!
Jeni - I don't know your website (maybe you don't blog? :-)) so I can't read yours but you are most welcome to read mine :-)
And also my dearest siz is now following aswell (just cus I made her haha)

Anyways - thanks a lot!!! :D



Day 4 & 5

These days goes right into my Hall of Shame-archive!! Feeling sick (I have had some sort of migraine-like attacks :-( and now I'm totally PMS:ing. Yaay! Wich means - no workout.) I will write more tomorrow (if I dare) Til then... have a good one!





Well that's what I'm asking myself right now. I'm exhausted! I met up with two of my sisters and my nephew/godson today and totally melted down and had a small soyalatte :-O WHYYYY? Oh WHY??? And as if that wasn't enough I "only" did 50 minutes of cardio today. So... no matwork :-( I've also felt ill in the evenings the last two days :-( + after 50 minutes I was ready to puke, I was literally dripping with sweat and I was shaking and felt dizzy and on top of that my ankles now hurts. I get that sometimes, especially with my right ankle. I don't know what it is but I can't hardly stand on it or walk without limping :-/ is it a nerve that's "trapped" or...? Anyway, I don't know but it starting to ache again and I SO hope it wont get worse!

Today's weight was 80,8 kg. Down a total of 2,6 kg since January 5th. Yaay! I know it's only water but still :-) My hubbie also took some pics while I was (trying to) dancing around like a big stranded whale haha. I'll show them just because I love to amuse others and have a good laugh haha.

Breakfast today was fruitsalad and that was really delicious! And dinner was roasted veggies with herbs, also delicious. Although I missed some kind of protein to it. And oh... don't forget the small soyalatte that kept me full for several hours. Or maybe it was my bad conscience that did? I don't know! But tomorrow's a new day with BETTER options and choises! Yes! :-)




DAY 2 on TAM BOOT CAMP - Weight stats etc.

Ok so here we go. Internet got started after all :-)

I of course weighed myself last night and started at 83,4 kg. (I'm not so sure how much that is in pounds but maybe 183 pounds??? OMG that sounds TOO MUCH!!!)

Anyway here it is. I'll post my weightstatus every 10 days and my meassurements :)

Starting weight: 83,4 kg

Day 2: 82,1 kg
Down -1,3 kg


I weighed myself on my hubbies scale first and I do have to say that I liked that one MUCH better cus when I first stepped on his scale it showed 77,9 kg. WHAT??? WE LIKE THAT haha. But i figured that being down 5,5 kg in ONE day is NOT (unfotunately) true or realistic hehe. And stepping on it the second time showed 82,1 so I said to myself "Damn it... it WAS wrong :-(" hehe.

Breakfast today was the Eggwhite Omelette :) Was VERY good and i sure will do it again!

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday! The Minestrone soup...

Snack was a cup of Lemontea with a liiiiittle pinch of honey and ½ banana and kefir (well i couldn't find Kefir so I bought Onaka instead. But that's pretty much the same thing right? It has the probiotics in it too.)

Dinner was SALMON!!! OH MY GOD WAS THIS DELICIOUS!!!! Or maybe I was just really really hungry - AGAIN! Or no... it WAS good! Salmon, carrots, cucumber, onion and lettuce.

Later in the evening I made the Choco Chestnut Pudding for tomorrow! I had a tiny taste (like ½ a teaspoon and it was absolutely yummie!! God knows I'm longing for my snack tomorrow! :D

Workout for today was, again, 1,5 hours. (Note: Jesus christ i look like a walrus trying to just MOVE when I'm dancing. Not cool. Not cool!!)
Anyway... Truthfully I don’t really get the DVD. There are two sections of cardio. 1 & 2. Are you supposed to do them right after eachother or just doing number 1 twice or three times?? Cus I’ve read in other peoples blogs that their workout can last up to 2 hours or even THREE?? My gooood! Of course that’s both cardio AND mat work. But still! I wont see any results AT ALL if I only work out 1,5 hours á day?? What should I do??
Is it the reps that take time? Cus I'm only able to do max 25 now in the beginning but i find myself pushing myself on some of the exercises so I'm actually able to do more than 25 on a few of them.

Oh well I guess I'll figure it out :)

Now I'm gonna travel to the land of dreams... ahh that sounded nice! I hope I'll have a nice dream... like me... on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, wearing a tiny bikini that fits juuuust perfectly. And when I run/walk... I won't actually feel (or see for that matter) my skin making waves on my body hahaha!

Nighty! :)



Just great. My internet is down so now I can't blog about Day 2. I did a draft before so i'm gonna finish that and then post it as soon as I can.

The day went alright. I did the workout 6:15 pm :-/ not so smart. Finished around 7:45. No more LATE hehe. I hate to have it hanging over me during the day. I now realize :-) Good for me.

Right now I'm doing the Choco chestnut pudding for tomorrow :-D smells good. Hope it tastes good to hehe.

Have a great evening. I'm gonna take my daily bath and read your blogs from my phone hehe.

I wouldn't survive without my cell ;-)



Om my LORD my head is ACHING today!!! I think I know what it might be. Lack of water :-( I'm tired, I'm freezing so much I'm almost shaking my teeth. I'm SORE. Well just "sore" is mildly expressed. I'm HURTING!!

I woke up almost 11 am today :-O What's up with the sleepyhead??? Well, I've never been much of a morningperson (although I actually REALLY wish I was. Even when I have days off.) I'm more of a nightowl. I can go to bed LATE at night and still wake up bright and early without any problems so it's not that. (Well sometimes my mood can swing from here to there in lack of sleep haha) It's just... I like being up at night. And even if I do go up like say... 5 ó clock in the morning - I'm still not more tired in the evening. That's weird, I know.

Now I'm gonna do some cleaning and THEN my friends... I'm gonna do today's workout!


PS/ I'll post my weightstatus and such tonight. See ya'll later :-) /Ds




Ok so here we go! Time in Sweden is now 9:45 pm (21:45) and I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!!

I've only eaten 3 times today cus I woke up at 11:30 am :-O so I guess that's why. I don't know if I should eat the leftovers from the tomatoe minestrone soup or just take some lemontea?

Yeah about tea.. I just CAN NOT do the green tea sh*t - it makes me almost vomit. Yuk!! I drink it though... from time to time since I have quite a few of the teabags in my pantry. Yogitea - (green energy, calming and such) white tea, chamomiletea, licorice-tea and so on. The chamomiletea is DISGUSTING! Even with honey in it haha.

Ok moving on from the b****ing :)

For "breakfast" (even if it was lunchtime) I chose the apple with peanut butter. It tasted good. I don't know if I just imagined it but I felt full afterwards. And yeah - I did drink some coffee... with maybe a tablespoon of cream *oops feel ashamed*

For lunch (when it was actually dinnertime) I ate the Tomatoe Minestrone soup. It was actually pretty tasty even though I didn't have all the ingredients at home. Well I did but not fresh. As for parsley and basil and spinach... I used the dry herbs instead for the parsley and basil and the frozen spinach. I also did not have sweetpotato so I only took one regular potato. Still came out good!

Oh my gooood was this good or what? But I think I used to much chocolate cus I didn't have chocolate flakes so I had to take dark chocolate squares instead and melt them so maybe it turned out to be more than what was stated in the book. it was both sour and sweet at the same time - even Bella, my dog, liked it (just gave her a tiny piece cus dogs shall NOT eat dark chocolates,) so she sat next to me following my spoon from the bowl to my mouth etc. haha. The little beggar :)

The workout was HARD!!! Jesus christ!! 1 h and 15 minutes. Is that too little? I could only do MAX 25 reps on each set so maybe that's why I finished so soon :) So soon??? Haha it sure as h*ll didn't feel like SOON to me at the time hahaha.

Tomorrow's a new day and I'm planning on doing my workout earlier than today (2:00 pm) and I have to go out and buy the right stuff and start PLANNING. I understand now it makes everything a lot easier. My hubbie has some days off so I guess I have to take the bull by the horns and embarras myself haha. (He has his computer right next to the TV :-/)

Now I'm gonna go take a WARM BATH and then a cup of lemontea. Is it really that bad, you think, to drink regular tea?? The content of caffeine is not that high as it is in coffee I guess it's almost incignificant. Or am I totally wrong here??

I hope all of you out there are doing FINE!! I'm cheering you on!! Wohoo! Go Boot Campers :D


Precious Followers

Oh gosh I haven't seen it until now... I have 5 followers! :D Wohooo!

1. DaeHan Choi
2. Lilla Hjärtat
3. Lotta
4. Mamag
5. Marcia

Now I don't know if I've linked the correct webadress to Marcia - if not please let me know :)

Thank you guys SO much!! I'm gonna check in with you tomorrow! It's 2.25 am here in Sweden so I have to go to bed (or hit the bisquit as Laura Stroud says hehe) so I can be fresh and alert tomorrow for the workout and diet!

Oh heavens... I still don't know what I've gotten myself into. Can you imagine the shame if I totally flunk this?? Not gonna happen... Hehe...

Nighty night and once again - thanks for following my blog! *big smile*



YEEES! Early (or late?) christmaspresent

That is the question :) But who cares - MY BOOK IS HERE!!

wAnd I just realized that my waiting is now over (thank GOD) BUT... with that - also are my excuses!! I've almost been bashing out my eager to start this method on the TAM FB-page so if I were to fail now or even worse - NOT do it at all... I would just almost simply DIE of shame haha.

Good grief what have I gotten myself into????? The stormcloudy kinda thing about this (well with me in general) is that I'm actually very whimsical about dieting and exercising so I'm frankly quite nervous haha. Cus a part of me knows how it's (well me) always been and how hard it is to change bad habbits, and another part really want to change that bad habbit of NOT finish projects that i set up for myself. If it was for someone else I would totally do it and give my all. Maybe you could say that it's some sort of a self-destructive behavior? (Yiak, didn't like that word haha) Funny how the human work sometimes. You can be nice to others but not to yourself???

Aaaanyway.... you all know where I'm heading with this and I know that YOU know what I mean :) Soooo... let's just leave it at that, shall we? :)

I know that this will take hard work. And a LOT of TIME!! I'm just hoping to be able to do this 30 days in a row. Phew... jesus christ Lord HELP me!! :)


Feels like 30 YEARS!


Hmm who's she?? Ahh that's right... she's the one that's gonna KICK MY ASS the next 30 days! (And maybe for the rest of my life ;-)) Well we'll see about that last sentence hehe.

I think we're gonna get along JUUUUST fine! :D (Caroline's hoping)



I just love sugarsnaps ;-)
And oh. My book didn't arrive today either. Gaaah. I'm getting more and more frustrated here. Isn't this meant to happen? :-(


Hi nice to see you - I know you're out there...

Just looked at my stats and I was instantly happy and surprised to see how many hits my page actually have! And mostly from the States! Wohooo! Must be because of the TAAAM-page on FB hehehe!

But then I found myself feeling a bit low cus no one never says Hi :(

I'm so alone... (putting my hand in the cookiejar...)

But... I decided not to be lifelessly because of that so now I challenge each and everyone of you to just leave a simple Hi... a dot...or a hyphen maybe?? Or maybe even a questionmark haha! As in..."Who's she?? Why does she want everyone to say Hi?" haha! Just leave something... not that I think anyone will write something anyways but it's worth a try :)


Nighty night!

Psst! The lables of this post means Generally and Whining haha!
Psst 2! I SO HOPE the book arrives tomorrow!



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