DAY 2 on TAM BOOT CAMP - Weight stats etc.

Ok so here we go. Internet got started after all :-)

I of course weighed myself last night and started at 83,4 kg. (I'm not so sure how much that is in pounds but maybe 183 pounds??? OMG that sounds TOO MUCH!!!)

Anyway here it is. I'll post my weightstatus every 10 days and my meassurements :)

Starting weight: 83,4 kg

Day 2: 82,1 kg
Down -1,3 kg


I weighed myself on my hubbies scale first and I do have to say that I liked that one MUCH better cus when I first stepped on his scale it showed 77,9 kg. WHAT??? WE LIKE THAT haha. But i figured that being down 5,5 kg in ONE day is NOT (unfotunately) true or realistic hehe. And stepping on it the second time showed 82,1 so I said to myself "Damn it... it WAS wrong :-(" hehe.

Breakfast today was the Eggwhite Omelette :) Was VERY good and i sure will do it again!

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday! The Minestrone soup...

Snack was a cup of Lemontea with a liiiiittle pinch of honey and ½ banana and kefir (well i couldn't find Kefir so I bought Onaka instead. But that's pretty much the same thing right? It has the probiotics in it too.)

Dinner was SALMON!!! OH MY GOD WAS THIS DELICIOUS!!!! Or maybe I was just really really hungry - AGAIN! Or no... it WAS good! Salmon, carrots, cucumber, onion and lettuce.

Later in the evening I made the Choco Chestnut Pudding for tomorrow! I had a tiny taste (like ½ a teaspoon and it was absolutely yummie!! God knows I'm longing for my snack tomorrow! :D

Workout for today was, again, 1,5 hours. (Note: Jesus christ i look like a walrus trying to just MOVE when I'm dancing. Not cool. Not cool!!)
Anyway... Truthfully I don’t really get the DVD. There are two sections of cardio. 1 & 2. Are you supposed to do them right after eachother or just doing number 1 twice or three times?? Cus I’ve read in other peoples blogs that their workout can last up to 2 hours or even THREE?? My gooood! Of course that’s both cardio AND mat work. But still! I wont see any results AT ALL if I only work out 1,5 hours á day?? What should I do??
Is it the reps that take time? Cus I'm only able to do max 25 now in the beginning but i find myself pushing myself on some of the exercises so I'm actually able to do more than 25 on a few of them.

Oh well I guess I'll figure it out :)

Now I'm gonna travel to the land of dreams... ahh that sounded nice! I hope I'll have a nice dream... like me... on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, wearing a tiny bikini that fits juuuust perfectly. And when I run/walk... I won't actually feel (or see for that matter) my skin making waves on my body hahaha!

Nighty! :)


3 kommentarer:

Silje Therese sa...

Braa :-D Bra at du liker maten, også!! Funker best for meg uten dietten, dette :)) Blir litt mye og veldig dyrt! Stå på!! :) Skal du spise dietten alle 39 dagene:)?

Åsa sa...

Haha kul att d går bra! :) Puss

Marcia sa...

For cardio you can do any combination of ! and 2, I find doing 1 then 2, then repeating isn't as redundant.

Mat work takes the LONGEST. THe time starts to really add up as you add reps. I was up to over 2 hours at times.

Hang in there, the hardwork and long workouts totally pay off. Keep pushing yourself, 5 mins more of cardio, 5 more reps and you will definately tell a difference!


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