Ok so here we go! Time in Sweden is now 9:45 pm (21:45) and I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!!

I've only eaten 3 times today cus I woke up at 11:30 am :-O so I guess that's why. I don't know if I should eat the leftovers from the tomatoe minestrone soup or just take some lemontea?

Yeah about tea.. I just CAN NOT do the green tea sh*t - it makes me almost vomit. Yuk!! I drink it though... from time to time since I have quite a few of the teabags in my pantry. Yogitea - (green energy, calming and such) white tea, chamomiletea, licorice-tea and so on. The chamomiletea is DISGUSTING! Even with honey in it haha.

Ok moving on from the b****ing :)

For "breakfast" (even if it was lunchtime) I chose the apple with peanut butter. It tasted good. I don't know if I just imagined it but I felt full afterwards. And yeah - I did drink some coffee... with maybe a tablespoon of cream *oops feel ashamed*

For lunch (when it was actually dinnertime) I ate the Tomatoe Minestrone soup. It was actually pretty tasty even though I didn't have all the ingredients at home. Well I did but not fresh. As for parsley and basil and spinach... I used the dry herbs instead for the parsley and basil and the frozen spinach. I also did not have sweetpotato so I only took one regular potato. Still came out good!

Oh my gooood was this good or what? But I think I used to much chocolate cus I didn't have chocolate flakes so I had to take dark chocolate squares instead and melt them so maybe it turned out to be more than what was stated in the book. it was both sour and sweet at the same time - even Bella, my dog, liked it (just gave her a tiny piece cus dogs shall NOT eat dark chocolates,) so she sat next to me following my spoon from the bowl to my mouth etc. haha. The little beggar :)

The workout was HARD!!! Jesus christ!! 1 h and 15 minutes. Is that too little? I could only do MAX 25 reps on each set so maybe that's why I finished so soon :) So soon??? Haha it sure as h*ll didn't feel like SOON to me at the time hahaha.

Tomorrow's a new day and I'm planning on doing my workout earlier than today (2:00 pm) and I have to go out and buy the right stuff and start PLANNING. I understand now it makes everything a lot easier. My hubbie has some days off so I guess I have to take the bull by the horns and embarras myself haha. (He has his computer right next to the TV :-/)

Now I'm gonna go take a WARM BATH and then a cup of lemontea. Is it really that bad, you think, to drink regular tea?? The content of caffeine is not that high as it is in coffee I guess it's almost incignificant. Or am I totally wrong here??

I hope all of you out there are doing FINE!! I'm cheering you on!! Wohoo! Go Boot Campers :D


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