Om my LORD my head is ACHING today!!! I think I know what it might be. Lack of water :-( I'm tired, I'm freezing so much I'm almost shaking my teeth. I'm SORE. Well just "sore" is mildly expressed. I'm HURTING!!

I woke up almost 11 am today :-O What's up with the sleepyhead??? Well, I've never been much of a morningperson (although I actually REALLY wish I was. Even when I have days off.) I'm more of a nightowl. I can go to bed LATE at night and still wake up bright and early without any problems so it's not that. (Well sometimes my mood can swing from here to there in lack of sleep haha) It's just... I like being up at night. And even if I do go up like say... 5 ó clock in the morning - I'm still not more tired in the evening. That's weird, I know.

Now I'm gonna do some cleaning and THEN my friends... I'm gonna do today's workout!


PS/ I'll post my weightstatus and such tonight. See ya'll later :-) /Ds


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