Well that's what I'm asking myself right now. I'm exhausted! I met up with two of my sisters and my nephew/godson today and totally melted down and had a small soyalatte :-O WHYYYY? Oh WHY??? And as if that wasn't enough I "only" did 50 minutes of cardio today. So... no matwork :-( I've also felt ill in the evenings the last two days :-( + after 50 minutes I was ready to puke, I was literally dripping with sweat and I was shaking and felt dizzy and on top of that my ankles now hurts. I get that sometimes, especially with my right ankle. I don't know what it is but I can't hardly stand on it or walk without limping :-/ is it a nerve that's "trapped" or...? Anyway, I don't know but it starting to ache again and I SO hope it wont get worse!

Today's weight was 80,8 kg. Down a total of 2,6 kg since January 5th. Yaay! I know it's only water but still :-) My hubbie also took some pics while I was (trying to) dancing around like a big stranded whale haha. I'll show them just because I love to amuse others and have a good laugh haha.

Breakfast today was fruitsalad and that was really delicious! And dinner was roasted veggies with herbs, also delicious. Although I missed some kind of protein to it. And oh... don't forget the small soyalatte that kept me full for several hours. Or maybe it was my bad conscience that did? I don't know! But tomorrow's a new day with BETTER options and choises! Yes! :-)



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