Hi nice to see you - I know you're out there...

Just looked at my stats and I was instantly happy and surprised to see how many hits my page actually have! And mostly from the States! Wohooo! Must be because of the TAAAM-page on FB hehehe!

But then I found myself feeling a bit low cus no one never says Hi :(

I'm so alone... (putting my hand in the cookiejar...)

But... I decided not to be lifelessly because of that so now I challenge each and everyone of you to just leave a simple Hi... a dot...or a hyphen maybe?? Or maybe even a questionmark haha! As in..."Who's she?? Why does she want everyone to say Hi?" haha! Just leave something... not that I think anyone will write something anyways but it's worth a try :)


Nighty night!

Psst! The lables of this post means Generally and Whining haha!
Psst 2! I SO HOPE the book arrives tomorrow!


2 kommentarer:

Åsa sa...

Sorry.. ska bli bättra på att kommentera här! Men jag saknar bloggen på svenska haha.. Pusspuss

Silje Therese sa...

HEI! :-)) Så godt p se på TAM siden at boka di endelig kom!! Lykke til med e forferdelig 30daybootcamp- liv! haha. Neida, vi skal bli smashing ;) Nå skal jeg hive meg løs på dagens trening ! :)))


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