YEEES! Early (or late?) christmaspresent

That is the question :) But who cares - MY BOOK IS HERE!!

wAnd I just realized that my waiting is now over (thank GOD) BUT... with that - also are my excuses!! I've almost been bashing out my eager to start this method on the TAM FB-page so if I were to fail now or even worse - NOT do it at all... I would just almost simply DIE of shame haha.

Good grief what have I gotten myself into????? The stormcloudy kinda thing about this (well with me in general) is that I'm actually very whimsical about dieting and exercising so I'm frankly quite nervous haha. Cus a part of me knows how it's (well me) always been and how hard it is to change bad habbits, and another part really want to change that bad habbit of NOT finish projects that i set up for myself. If it was for someone else I would totally do it and give my all. Maybe you could say that it's some sort of a self-destructive behavior? (Yiak, didn't like that word haha) Funny how the human work sometimes. You can be nice to others but not to yourself???

Aaaanyway.... you all know where I'm heading with this and I know that YOU know what I mean :) Soooo... let's just leave it at that, shall we? :)

I know that this will take hard work. And a LOT of TIME!! I'm just hoping to be able to do this 30 days in a row. Phew... jesus christ Lord HELP me!! :)


Feels like 30 YEARS!


Hmm who's she?? Ahh that's right... she's the one that's gonna KICK MY ASS the next 30 days! (And maybe for the rest of my life ;-)) Well we'll see about that last sentence hehe.

I think we're gonna get along JUUUUST fine! :D (Caroline's hoping)


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